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Laminate Flooring

Popular hardwood laminate
Hardwood laminate is often a popular flooring choice of customers here at Roger’s Carpet in Morgantown, WV.

Learn about hardwood laminate flooring


Laminate flooring is often a fantastic option when it comes to covering your floors. In particular, hardwood laminate is popular because not only it is practical and easy to maintain, it's also rather gorgeous. With proper care, it can look striking for years. Furthermore, high quality laminate flooring comes in an array of colors so you can find the perfect choice for practically any room in your home. To explore all the options in laminate flooring available today, simply call or e-mail us to learn more.


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Laminate flooring cost

Whether it's laminate kitchen flooring, or hardwood laminate for other areas of your house, people often wonder about laminate wood flooring cost. There really is no standard price because it can vary greatly from one location to another. Factors such as the laminate flooring manufacturer and the size of the room play a key in the overall cost of the hardwood laminate. The great news is Roger’s Carpet Warehouse offers free quotes. So if you're considering laminate flooring and you would like to find out how much your project would cost, we’re happy to help. Simply use the form attached to this page or give us a call today.